Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Happy 1st Birthday My Precious One

1 year old? Oh! It feels like yesterday! Now she is turning a year old, my little baby girl. I started to looking at her photos when I was pregnant, waiting for my due time. Her first photo, after she was born. Oh, she was so tiny, 3,4 kg and 51 cm. She doesn't put much on weight as now she is only around 7,2 kg (fuih...I choose and pick all the good/best for her, I don't know why her weight doesn't increase. Are there any mum out there who have the same problem with me?). Anyway...about her weight, I am getting used to several comments such as: "Does she has eating problem?" or "Is she picky eater?" or "You should start to put some salt and sugar on her food" (no way! Until she's a year old!) or "I think you should stop to breast feed her, because it might be because of that. *paused* You have a bad quality of breastmilk". *oh, its too much hurt! I really upset but put a smile on my face. Quirky smile! Okay..okay...people, you can say anything you want to say and I have a right not to answer any "silly" comments. My daughter is fine, I took her to doctor and had some checks. She is okay. So, I won't worry anymore....

She fell off from bed about few days ago when she was sleeping. Again some people said: "You have to put some pillow around her". C'mon.. I am not that stupid. Of course I do. I try  my best to protect her. I still blaming myself about she fell from bed to be honest but I did my best. She rolls very much, around the bed (Javanese people says: "sorah", just exactly like me when I was baby, toddler and kid. But now, since I am getting older, I sleep like a log. Not move even an inch! Hahahaha....). She had some experiences about fell of and it gives her a lesson (at least).

Every morning, when I wake up and see her beside me, I say: "I couldn't ask for more, God". She is the gift in my life. The way she smiles just make me fall in love with her over and over again. Oh, yes...of course she is not nice all the time. Especialy since she could make up her mind about what she wants to do or the thing that she wants to eat, play or grab. She screams sometimes when she doesn't get what she want. She can suddenly slipped out my hand once she is upset. She cries so loud in the middle of the night and no one knows why, no one can stop her for a while. She refuses her meal sometimes or spit her food. But, are those things make me love her less? NO! I still love her very much! Because there are more and more things that she does and make me happy. She is my pericous one. She is my everything. She is a year old now.
Happy  birthday, my dear Crystal. Mummy loves you to the moon and back!!

written on Saturday, but late to be posted :(

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