Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Another Crystal's first moment but I don't like it...!

This time, I would like to tell you a story about Crystal's first moment but I really....really...really don't like it. Guess why? Because its about her first moment to fall! Is there any mother out there who happy to know that their little baby is fall? I guess not! Me neither!

no more crying sweet heart...
Okay, so here is the story. Since she woke up that morning (that was on Monday), she didn't look happy. I didn't know why. She slept quite well, had a very nice corn party with me before she went to bed (or it might cause her had unhappy morning? Well, if it did then I don't think we'll have corn party anymore...*mewek*). After she had shower, she became more cranky. She refused to finish her breakfast. I didn't insist her to finish it.  I let Mak Yuli (our nanny) to took over to look after her as she always does every working day to work.

After work, Mak Yuli brought Crystal home and she told me today she was very fussy. Didn't want her formula, eat more less than normally she does, cried a lot, wanted Mak Yuli to carry her all the time. I felt so sorry when I heard that. Sometimes it isn't easy with little baby. But still don't reduce my feeling for her. *teteeeep...cinta matilah sama Crystal*
After break the fasting, we went to my aunty's place next door. She wanted to play with my aunty (Mbah Asih). This was the moment when she was fell off. (nggeblag gitu dalam Basa Jawanya, heee...). She screamed and cried so loud. My aunty grabbed her and took her outside, but it did not make her stop crying. I offered to breastfeed her, but my aunty said, she might bite my nipples. I said: "No problem. I don't like the way she crying" (It does make me feel so guilty. I was being very reckless! If biting my nipple could make her stop crying, then I don't mind at all..!) I took over her from my aunty then breastfeed her. Praise the Lord, she stop crying, only the sob was left. I brought her to Mimi's place as they all (Mimi, her husband - Pak Omat, Mamah Uyut and Mbah Joko) went outside to check what was happened to Crystal when they heard she was crying so frantic!
Lucky her (and me) that she was okay. I hope it'll be her first and her last time she fall over. Could it happen? As the Javanese people believe that all the babies will fall over at least for 7 times but I am not looking forward for another 6! No...! 1 is more than enough...!

*PS : Please feel free to correct my English (my grammar esp) because I am still learning how to write in English and unfortunately English isn't my first language and  I learned to write and speak in English autodidact

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  1. ooo sorry....poor you my Crystal... :-(

    1. Pengalaman itu memang berharga om, hehehe...
      Tapi nggak enak banget ya? Nggeblag...!! :-(